No, this isn’t a blow-by-blow review of Drive, the movie that starred Ryan Gosling and launched Nicholas Winding Refn’s name into the public consciousness. Instead, it is about the car rental start-up of the same name.

How I came across Drive.SG was by accident, a fortunate series of events that culminated in me renting a car from them during the Hari Raya period. One of my secondary school acquaintances, whom I haven’t met in ages, came to the launch of my good friend’s soup stall and we started talking. He mentioned his ‘lil start-up and I, being innately curious about entrepreneurship, asked him about it and said that I would definitely check it out when I need a car.

Of course, Hari Raya came around and my family’s usual practice is to rent a car, and having been recently introduced to Drive.SG, I told them to relax because “I know a guy who knows a guy”. For those who have never rented a car before, it can be quite a hassle. First, you have to call the car rental place and ask for a vehicle, after which the person on the line will ask you what model you prefer. After you’ve settled the dates and the make, you’ll have to head down to the car rental place with your driving licence to pick up your weapon of mass destruction on the roads, and then return it a few days or weeks later to the same place.

And all these is done without you actually knowing the condition of the car until the day itself. So, that funky smell in the back seat? You’re stuck with it, sucker.

Fortunately, Drive.SG removes the hassle completely. The fine folks at the car rental start-up lets you choose your car from a wide variety of car rental companies that they’ve tied up with, so there’s definitely a car that will fit your budget. After you’ve chosen your car from the comforts of your couch, you can even request for them to deliver the car to wherever you fancy and then, return it at a completely different spot. And for a person like me who loves such incredible convenience, this was heaven-sent.

The people were also understanding even though they had every right to strangle me and string me up, as I changed my preferred car model once, the pick-up locations twice and the days three times, so that was definitely a plus point in my book.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and efficient car rental place, you could do no wrong with Drive.SG. I’ve been spoilt by their service and will definitely return again in the future.